Cable manufacturing process does involve massive technical procedure just to make sure that either power or data or even both are distributed along it. Cable accessories are the joining parts that allow the complete usage of different cables. Some different cable accessories will be discussed as follows.

  • Termination kits

Termination kits provide the luxury to attach the cable with the application. Any application i-e switch gears terminal, transformer terminal, battery terminal, probe terminals every application that is either an electrical apparatus or a working machine will be using termination kit. Termination kits are further divided into two more types.

  1. Indoor termination kitscable-accessories
    Indoor termination kits are used in the indoor E.g. electrical apparatus, panels, transformers etc.
  2. Outdoor termination kits

Outdoor termination kits are used in outdoor environment. E.g. outdoor substations, electricity poles, outdoor transformers.

  • Joints

Cable accessories like joints are highly used when the cable is deployed at larger distances. Obviously, joints can also be made by just attaching two points of the conducting wire physically but that will certainly dissipate heat and power loss. To encounter this joint with proper terminals are available which affect signal integrity but in a very minute way. Joints are also divided into two types.

      1. Straight Through Jointcable-accessories-02

When both the wires are same and contain similar joint parameters this part of cable accessory is used. 

      2. Transition Joint
In the case of different wires, transition joints are used and many cables manufacturers of the modern world lay special emphasis in making universal compatibility transition joints.

Many other types of cable accessories are used as follows:

  • Heat Shrink type
  • Factory Molded (Pre-molded/Pre-fabricated)
  • Cold Shrink type
  • Push on type
  • Cast Resin (poly-urethane / Epoxy compound filling) type
  • Cast Iron (bitumen compound filling) type
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