Bus CableUs-structures have grown to be a completely critical part of factory automation and it is difficult to assume automation without them. Besides hardware and software program additives, passive components together with bus cables and connectors play an vital role for reliable function of the machine. Bus cables must observe all electrical parameters of the unique gadget. There’s no universally relevant bus cable as the individual necessities are too diverse.

These bus cables are being presented for stationary and bendy applications as well as non-stop shifting applications in drag chains.



ProfiBus is the maximum common bus gadget used in Europe within the location of automated production.

ProfiBus pa

The engineering of those cables consistent with IEC 61158-2 fulfils the necessities in process automation and also gives intrinsically secure connection to the field gadgets. ProfiBus pa is a synchronous protocol with dc-contemporary drift loose transmission, which is also regularly distinctive as h1. The IEC 61158-2 approach is implemented on the ProfiBus pa.

ProfiBus DP

This ProfiBus variation, optimized via improved transmission speed and occasional set up fee, turned into in particular designed for the communique between automation systems and decentralized peripheral devices in the area variety. ProfiBus DP substitutes the traditional parallel statistics communication with 24v or zero-20 ma. Lutze ProfiBus cables meet the specification for ProfiBus DP kind a in step with EN 50254. ProfiBus DP und ProfiBus FMS use the same transmission technology in addition to a unified bus protocol. Both editions can be operated simultaneously on one cable.

ProfiBus fast join

These cables have an optimized radial, symmetrical creation and can facilitate the utility of unique tools. Thereby, bus connector plugs are able to be assembled in a quick and installation-friendly way.


Can-bus is specified in step with ISO 11898. Usually designed for automobile applications can-buses are used these days for the exchange of virtual facts, controller place network (can) for quicker information transfer/data exchange.


The Interbus-s turned into published in 1987 as an open sensor/actuator bus protocol. As a standard sensor/actuator fieldbus, its miles configured for the cyclic processing of system information and subsequently differentiates drastically from facts oriented field buses. The main utility location of Interbus-s lays in manufacturing engineering, procedure engineering, in addition to shipping and logistics. Here the main focus is each the automotive enterprise and the pressure era.

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