Right now medical industry is clearly at a technology boom. A lot of research has been going on to make all the equipment accurate, precise in its measurements. Another issue that the medical industry is working on is reducing the cost factor by maintaining same standards. The need to minimize healthcare costs is creating greater demand for medical electronics equipment that, among other things, improves and expands patient diagnostics inside and outside healthcare facilities.

Healthcare Facilities

Portable medical instruments such as glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, and oxygen meters can be designed with communication capabilities to provide continuous information to caregivers almost anywhere. Small hand-held devices can also improve various diagnostic procedures in dentistry and medical offices. While such devices hold the promise of improved care at lower cost, they require advanced technologies that allow greater miniaturization to improve portability and functionality while providing safe usage.

Bulk Connectors

MID Technology

Another way to shrink medical electronics is through molded interface device (MID) technology. MID, combined with other electronic packaging technologies such as flexible PCBs and a variety of semiconductor chip mounting techniques can be used to create medical devices with higher level functionality and miniaturization. For example, electronic circuitry can become more of a three dimensional (3D) structure that conforms to an end product shape required for a specific application.

Bulk Connectors 02

In addition to saving space, MID production processes enable direct integration of IC chips and small surface-mount devices (SMDs) into the molded housing. MID also allows the creation of recesses, channels and openings for sensors, contact elements, etc. It is an important technique used in the production of bulk connectors.

Bulk Connectors

Bulk connectors are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Following is the list of bulk connectors which are used in abundance in the medical industry.

  • Hybrid Connectors

Bulk Connectors 03Hybrid connectors are considered as bulk connectors and are a recent development that allows mixed transmission media, such as power, control signals, data communications, and pneumatic lines in a single connector housing. This eliminates the need for multiple connectors for different purposes, and thereby shrinks the overall size of the finished product, as well as lowering the cost due to assembly efficiencies.

  • Other Interconnect Considerations

There are some other interconnects considerations which must be taken care of while assembling and producing bulk connectors. Medical instruments used in healthcare facilities can often mean the difference between life and death. In these situations cable interfaces must allow fast and foolproof interconnections by doctors and technicians not well versed in electronic technology.

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