Cable assemblies are the source of signals transmission from one end to another. Manufacturing of Cable assemblies involves a series of procedures to check that either the signal which will be attempted for transfer will reach the end with less or no noise. In a similar way when a prototype of the cable assembly is manufactured meeting all the given parameters then the manufacturing team is instructed to start producing in a number of bulk cable assemblies.

To ensure that the cable meets all the certain requirements, following steps take place before the production of cables assemblies in bulk.

   1) Quality AssuranceBulk Cable Assemblies

The quality of the cables assemblies which needs to be produced in bulk should meet quality assurance standards. A quality management team makes sure that the product should meet these standards by checking the product through extensive quality assessments. Bulk cable assemblies also undergo electrical cable testing which involves open, short and miswiring tests.

   2) Signal Integrity Analysis

Bulk Cable Assemblies 02Any wire that is being manufactured must pass signal integrity analysis. Signal Integrity defines the quality of the signal from being transmitted till it is received. Signal transmission using electric cables is done in the analogue domain as an analogue signal. The analogue signal is prone to be infected by noise, distortion and power loss. Hence, signal integrity analysis actually analyses and eradicate all the factors to a certain level before the production of bulk cable assemblies.

   3) Environmental Analysis

Every cable assembly after being manufactured has to face different environmental conditions. These environmental conditions depend highly on the place of its installation but are prone to damage the condition of the cable. In order to lessen this factor, different environmental analysis tasks are being attempted on the cable assemblies’ prototypes.

   4) Custom DesignBulk Cable Assemblies 03

Sometimes, the standard cable assembly could not fulfil the requirement of the design. In that case, a custom designed cable is produced, meeting all the quality assurances requirements after the requirements of the customer’s demand.


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