A building can stand on its infrastructure. It needs electricity to put life in it. Electrical systems which help to transfer efficient electrical signals throughout the building has become an integral part of the building wiring. Building wiring refers to electrical wiring and its associated devices such as switches, meters and lights fittings. All these building wires and cabling involves different cabling which is rated on the basis of voltage, current, temperature and environmental conditions.

These building wires and cables have been classified distinctively by their installation places as well. For overhead and outdoor high voltage transmission, the aluminum non-insulated cabling is used. For underground and indoor voltage transmission copper, insulated cabling is used. Electrical wiring in the building has different conventional standards. In which mainly color coding is used to distinguish among the live, neutral and earth wires.

Let’s elaborate some important building wire and cables:

     1) Indoor Building cablesBuilding Cables

Indoor building cables being indoor has different usage criteria for being used in the applications. Indoor drop cables are used to make a connection between a subscriber and a distributor. Indoor building communication needs Ethernet setup which involves deployment of fiber optics cabling.

     2) Indoor/Outdoor Building Cables

Building Cables 02Some building cables both armored and un-armored can be installed can be installed either indoor or outdoor of the buildings. These cables include features special halogens free, flame retarded outer sheath materials. It enhances the ability of the cable and enlarges its continuity. Some of the building cables which are mostly used are Flextube, tight-buffered and stranded loose tube.


     3) Façade

Building Cables 03Some building cables are installed on the outer wall of the buildings. These cables include UV resistance and are named as façade.

     4) Flex-tube

Flex-tube falls under the list of soft, flexible cables which could be installed easily. This type of building cable is very compatible and can be built into many different designs for both internal and external use.

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