Electrical cables has certainly laid a trademark in medical field. From the smallest devices to the larger machines, the transfer of power and signal is necessary. Medical field is such a diverged and vast field that technology still has to empower it by its inclusion. Technology has certainly helped to reduce the risks involved in surgery. It has helped people believe that surgery can be save and—it can actually lead to healing.

Electrosurgical Instruments

Bipolar Surgical Instruments CablesSurgical instruments needs to be proficient in its measurement, monitoring performance, and most likely to be environment-friendly for the patient. Electrical cabling in these surgical devices must be of the best manufacturing material.

These electrosurgical instruments requires radio frequency to power up which is provided by a generator to power electrosurgical instruments having various configurations, e.g., pencils, probes, electrosurgical scissors, electrosurgical forceps, etc. Electrical cables used to power these cables for surgical instruments are further categorized into electrical cables for monopolar systems and bipolar systems.

Bipolar Electrical Cable

Bipolar Surgical Instruments Cables 02A bipolar cable for a bipolar surgical instrument, comprises of a pair of parallel conductors, the conductors comprising an electrically conductive wire having an electrically insulating coating, each conductor having a length, a distal end and a proximal end, wherein the insulating coatings are separable connected to each other along substantially the entire lengths of the conductors wherein said conductors may be separated from each other along a length by pulling the distal ends of the conductors apart;

A grommet member slid ably mounted on the conductors, said grommet member having an interior passage for receiving the conductors;

A spring-loaded electrical connector mounted to the distal end of each conductor;

A tubular electrically insulated member mounted over the spring-loaded connector;  

Bipolar Surgical Instruments Cables 03Bipolar Cabling Applications

Bipolar cables are the connecting cables of the present invention allow for the connection to an electrosurgical generator of electrosurgical instruments having movable electrodes. The surgeon is able to compensate for differences in movement depending on the type of instrument.

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