Automation Industry CablingWith the advent of technology, every industry has increased its performance and production. Using technology has certainly enhanced the ways the things work. However, it is important to understand that industrialization is the only thing that has benefit the most regarding all other aspects.

Automation means to make the machine work automatically. Automation in the industry has improved the quality of the products and eliminate the chance of human error. It is relatively easier for a machine to perform the same task repeatedly with the same efficiency. On the contrary, a human cannot show similar consistency and efficiency in performing the similar task.

Automation Industry Cabling 02Signal transmission to this automation machinery can only accept signals using different protocols. A protocol is a set of rules to exchange messages/instructions between a transmitter and a receiver. So, the cables used to transmit data using the parameters of these protocols easily understood by the machine are called automation industry cabling. Following are some of the major industrial cables used in the industry.

  • ControlNet Cables

ControlNet is an open network protocol used for industrial automation applications, which are also known as Fieldbus. It has Automation Industry Cabling 03built-in support for redundant cables and the fact that communication on ControlNet can be strictly scheduled and highly deterministic.

  • RS-485

RS-485 is used for to transmit and receive electrical characteristic using serial communication systems. The standard RS-485 protocol is used in telecommunication and electronics applications. It has also enhanced the standard of digital communication over long distances even in the noisy environments.

  • DeviceNet

Automation Industry Cabling 04DeviceNet is actually used to interconnect with the control devices. Typical applications include information exchanging protocols, safety devices, and large I/O networks.

  • Fieldbus and PROFIBUS

Fieldbus is the name of the family networks used for real-time distributed control. It actually allows connecting the peripherals to the system.

Profibus is a standard for field bus communication in automation technology. It has been characterized into two different types.

  • Profibus DP
  • Profibus PA
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