Audio Multicore CableAn audio multicore cable (most often referred to in the US and in Canada it is known as snake cable) is an impenetrable cable that contains 4 to 64 separate audio cables inside a common, solid outer jacket. Audio multicore cables are most commonly used whenever multiple audio signals, for example from a number of microphones, need to be carried between common locations. In the list of proficient audio applications comes audio recording, sound reinforcement, PA systems and broadcasting. The snake cable is generally used to make it easy to direct many signals from the location of a device that converts variations in a physical quantity, to the location of the audio console and sound recording.


The term used to refer to the basic cable as may be obtained from a dealer, or a cable with the ends terminated in either a multipoint connector, a number of separate connectors on the individual pairs, or a box or panel with a number of chassis-mounted connectors. There are many different termination methods that can be used on each end as per the requirement of application. While using individual connectors, three pin XLR connectors are most commonly used, although 1/4″ jack connectors are also occasionally used. The accumulated audio multicore cables are present in portable applications and on a cable drum, so that they can be transferred from one location to the other location, or are permanently housed in a building. Obtainability of handy snake cables allows sound engineers to set up sound systems at provisional outdoor locations, such as musical events. Snake cables are permanently installed in the walls of recording studios and performance venues such as arts centers and large nightclubs.

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