Insulation of the wire helps easy current flow, but for high power transfer, the cable is prone to get damaged from moisture, heat, climate change or to get a cut. For a better sustainability in the manufacturing of cables a process named ‘Armoring’ is used. It provides a covering layer over the insulating material in circular dimension. It strengthens the cable structure and helps the cable to withstand any hazardous event in its surroundings.

Different types of cable use different armoring techniques and materials. Mostly, the type armoring used in the cable depends upon the cable characteristics. Steel is the basic element that is used in abundance for armoring in cables. In armoring, galvanization of electric cables is of prime importance because it provides a layer of zinc as a protective barrier for steel or aluminum. The addition of zinc also prevents the corrosion of conducting material.

Some of the following materials that are used for armoring are as follows: –

  • Galvanized Flat and Round Steel Wiresarmoring

Galvanized round steel wires are induced with high conductivity and low resistances due to hot and deep galvanization process. The armoring in round steel wires has round rotated and  composed grip over the insulation rather than flat armored steel wires. However, the flat armored steel wires the steel strips are flat and uniformly distributed throughout the armoring material. 

  • Galvanized Steel Tapesarmoring-02

The use of galvanized steel tapes in armoring is usually to reduce the penetration of moisture and dampness into the electric cables. Most of the cables which are buried underground are prone to moisture or dampness need armoring of steel tape. The steel tape fills even the smallest inlets and removes all the distortions in the flow of electric current.

  • Non-magnetic Materials

armoring-03Non-magnetic material armoring is also used in electric cables to reduce the magnetic effect produced due to the movement of electric current. Whenever an electric current passes through the conductor it produces a magnetic field and its magnitude depends upon the magnitude of the electric current.


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