Cables assemblies and wires used in defense forces are always of top-notch quality. It is a paramount objective that all the equipment belonging to all the forces is kept of the best standard. To encounter any malfunction that might arise during operation. Any malfunctioning could be the reason of a great loss.

Aircraft Cables

Aircraft and Marine CablesAircraft cables are specialized strands, cords, and wire ropes designed for use on and around aircraft of various types. These cables are employed throughout an aircraft, used for everything from adjustable seat back control to the controlled movement of the wing flaps and landing gear in planes with analog flight control systems.

Aircraft cables are stranded wires that are used in a wide variety of applications on or around aircraft. They are used as harnesses for electrical wiring as well as tie-downs, stabilizers, safety fasteners, and for many other purposes. Outside of the actual aircraft the same cables may be used in the form of wire rope slings to lift jet engines, wings, and other components into place during assembly or repair.

Marine Cables

Aircraft and Marine Cables 02The requirements for marine cables in shipbuilding are growing due to the increasing demand for low weight and high efficiency. Ship cables have to be installed in narrow spaces demanding highest cable flexibility. Furthermore, marine cables often have to be halogen free, flame retardant and self-extinguishing.

Ship cables are not allowed to enhance flame propagation. Additionally maritime wires should have a low own weight and besides correspond to different international approvals. Those special requirements of ship building technique can´t be fulfilled by standard products and thus require custom-made solutions for ship builder.

Aircraft and Marine Cables 03Identification of the Right Cable

Cables are made to suit different applications and as such are produced in a number of different configurations with variable lays, diameters, and materials. As aircraft cable is a specialized form of wire rope, it is important to understand the capabilities of the cable prior to purchase.

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