Advanced Medical CablesInnovation in medical cables have been emerging from few past years. These innovation in technology has encouraged the used of electrical cables in many different domains. Advancement in technology has successfully design and manufacture high-quality, high-performance Medical Cables developed for Innovative Medical Device Manufacturers.

Custom Cable Solutions for new product launches and re-design existing Cables that may not offer the desired characteristics required in cables for Medical OEMs. A custom cable ensures that the cable offers characteristics of ultra-flexibility, sterilization, cut-through resistance, miniaturization or high tensile strength to name only a few.

Custom Configurations for the Medical Industry:

Advanced Medical Cables 02Custom Cables are widely used in the Medical Market but more recently, Medical OEMs are looking at Hybrid Cables that incorporate dissimilar components including insulated conductors with one or more vent tubes, strength members, wires or lumens which offer far more functionalities that cannot be found in traditional off-the-shelf cables. In the same instance, a Hybrid Cable can be used to combine multiple cables into one single neatly designed and packaged cable that is far more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The Benefits of a Custom Cable Verses Standard Off-the-Shelf:

Advanced Medical Cables 03The main benefit of proceeding with a Custom Cable in your Medical Product Design is the ability to combine multiple characteristics into one single cable that is not possible from an off-the-shelf product. Custom Medical Cable offer fine wire stranding and flexible insulation materials which will make even large medical cables manageable and ultra-flexible. These fine wire conductors and thin wall extrusion allow for significant size reductions without sacrificing performance. If high temperatures are expected, we offer a range of conductor, compound, and insulation options to meet high temperature applications.

Biocompatibility in custom cables

There are times when custom cables are requested to be serializable. Therefore it becomes important to choose an appropriate material based on particular medical device requirements. In addition, custom medical cables should ensure that the material which is selected should be resistant to certain fluids for cleaning and disinfection such as alcohol, bleach or other peroxides.

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