Electrical cabling provides a platform to distribute electricity efficiently and safely around the environment. Different cabling techniques and different cables are used among the devices to enhance its usage and efficiency. Following are two major cables ADSS VS OPGW Cablesthat are used both in transmitting high-voltage and high-speed signals from one place to another.

All Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) Cabling

ADSS Cabling provides a powerful, self-supporting cable that does not need any particular support in transmitting electricity from one place to another. During the aerial installation of ADSS Cable, there is neither any metallic component involved in its installation nor any element to provide support to the cabling. ADSS Cabling is offered in different sizes starting from the standard size, mini-span, flat drop and aerial drop solutions.

Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) CablingADSS VS OPGW Cables 02

Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) Cabling is a cable that could actually be used for dual purposes. A single wire that has the efficiency of high voltage transmission and is also used in telecommunication to transmit data for the purposes of high-speed data transmission. OPGW cables are highly abundant and contain diversified products.

Comparison between ADSS VS OPGW Cables

The comparison between ADSS and OPGW cables depends on many different factors.

     1) Installation Place

On an existing transmission line, if the wire is aged and needs to replaced or rewired then that is the perfect opportunity to install optical ground (OPGW) cable. However, ADSS Cables are ideal for installation in distribution as well as transmission environments, where the live wire is already placed.ADSS VS OPGW Cables 03

     2) Installation Cost

ADSS Cable does not need a full replacement of live transmission line and can easily be switched in the front of the transmission line. So, the cost of installation is very minimal relative to OPGW Cable. OPGW cable takes a huge amount of one-time capital investment for its installation.

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