ADSS CablesElectrical cables used for long distance transmission must be strong enough to tackle the harsh environment such cables are called self-supporting cables. It means that the cables do not need any extra supporting materials to support itself between conductive metal elements. One of its types is called as ADSS (All-dielectric self-supporting). In the ADSS Cable, the cable contains a non-metallic structure in which there are elements having the strength to bear the tensile stretch.

Construction of ADSS CablesADSS Cables 02

The ADSS Cables do not contain any metal wire. To keep the fiber cable free from any damage, the length of the fiber cable is kept strain free. The arrangement is usually supported in loose buffer tubes, or in ribbon configuration just to keep the fiber strands safe in fiber cables. Special care of each fiber should be taken specifically because it is very sensitive. Basically, In the fiber cable, every light particle undergoes total internal reflection by coming in contact with glass tube enclosed inside the core of the cable.

Features of ADSS Cables

Following are the features of ADSS Cables.

  • Suitable for being used for high voltage transmission.
  • Being self-sufficient, ADSS Cable does not need any messenger wire.
  • Provides faster installation and less cost effectiveness.
  • Cable is waterproof and does not need any extra covering for protection.

Applications of ADSS CablesADSS Cables 03

  • Effectively used in networking in computer networks.
  • Used in power transmission and high voltage transmission at longer distances.
  • Used in quite closer to the conductors.
  • Used in underbuilds applications, reducing any scope of outages.
  • Used in telecommunication where low-cost installation and faster speed is a priority.

The majority of this ADSS cable have been used in the above-mentioned application and have found to be persistently solid and consistent in maintaining their reputation. However, the fitting and installation need to be perfect to keep ADSS Cables safe and life longer.

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