In today’s modern hospital, it is crucial that all types of machinery and systems in the medical field are safe, precise, reliable and fast. They should also be easy to clean and maintain. Automation in any field provide the luxury of portability and reduces the amount of labor for its operation. Similarly, Actuators are mechanical or electro-mechanical devices that provide controlled and sometimes limited movements or positioning which are operated electrically, manually, or by various fluids such as air, hydraulic, etc.

Types of ActuatorsActuators

Following are the two basic motions are linear and rotary.

Linear Actuators

Linear actuators convert energy into straight line motions, typically for positioning applications, and usually have a push and pull function. Some linear actuators are unpowered and manually operated by use of a rotating knob or handwheel.Actuators 02

  • Electric Linear Actuators

However some are electric Linear Actuators are electrically powered, mechanical devices consisting of motors, linear guides, and drive mechanisms, which are used to convert electrical energy into linear displacement through mechanical transmission, electromagnetism, or thermal expansion to provide straight line push/pull motion.

Rotary ActuatorsActuators 03

Rotary actuators convert energy to provide rotary motion. A typical use is the control of various valves such as a ball or butterfly. Each actuator type has versions for various power configurations and come in many styles and sizes depending on the application. Linear chain actuators provide push and pull motions with rigid chains.

  • Electric Rotary Actuators

Actuators 04However some are Electric Rotary Actuators are electrically powered, mechanical devices consisting of motors and output shaft mechanisms with limited rotary travel which are used to convert electrical energy into rotational motion. Key specifications include the intended application, drive method, number of positions, output configuration, mounting configuration, as well as physical dimensions and electrical characteristics as required.


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