Modifications in A V Cables

The A V CABLES cables can be define in a broad way as basic cables that are incorporated to transmit audio and video signals and are used with every peripheral device that needs to be attached with other like monitors with CPU, televisions and DVD players etc. They’re been using in every home, as they ranges from the basic co-axial cables to the latest HD cables. a-v-cables

Here’s describing in sequence from basic A V cables cables to modified one.

Co-axial cables

It is one of the oldest form of A V cables cables, used to provide connections to televisions, video games and mostly was used to connect TV with the VCRs. It is an analogue connection and only supports standard definition.a-v-cables-1

Standard composite Cables

They comes after co-axial cables and are also known as phono connector, they carries audio and video signals. They are comprised of three cables i.e. yellow (for composite video) and white and red (for audio), they comes in the same category of non HD analogue cable. It is used to connect devices but because of low quality standard composite cables are not used widely anymore.

S Video Cables

It is an improved form of A V cables cables, it has two pairs of pins as it provides illuminance and chrominance and luminance to the device for instance TV. S-video cables are also non HD analogue cables, basically used in HD TV’s and low quality DVD players.a-v-cables-2

“Component Cables”

Component cables are an advanced form as they are either analogue but HD A V cables cables. It has 3 connector blue, red and green. Like composite analogue cables can handle only videos up to 10 AVI, but picture quality is superior comparatively with other analogue cables. Component cables required to be connected with audio cables and are utilize in DVD players and Blue ray players.

HDMI Cables

It is the contemporary A V cables cable. HDMI cables are digital type and are found in every recent and upcoming devices, it provide high quality video up to 10adp. It got priority because of its simplicity.

HDMI Micro & Mini Connector

HDMI micro connectors are quite similar like HDMI cables, just that they are used with mobile phone and tablets to dispense connectivity of these devices with HD TV. Whereas mini connector provides connectivity of video a-v-cables-3camera’s with TV.

Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic provides HD audio to the sound process in vicinity, therefore they are used in DVD players, games console etc.

Co-axial Digital Audio Cables

Co axial digital audio cables are used for transmitting audio, it can carry digital stereo or surround sound, hence used in HD TVs and DVD players.

VGA Cables

VGA cables are the analogue cables and are used to connect computer to monitors similarly laptops to TV’s.

However world is approaching towards newer technologies, modifications in cables are also becoming a part of future tech.a-v-cables-4



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